Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Costume Bonanza!!

During October I usually throw myself into costume hell. Even though I promised myself I wouldn't wait until the last minute to start sewing, it came down to the wire once again this year. Luckily I had already gathered most of the necessary components for the costumes over the last few months. So................with our annual Halloween party bearing down fast upon us I locked myself into my sewing room (aka the closet) and started the marathon sewfest. Here's how they turned out:

Sean's favorite movie for the past few months has been Willy Wonka (both versions). We decided to honor the classic and dress like the characters from the original movie. For my costume I found: white capris, brown socks, brown turtleneck, white gloves and a green wig. The only additions I had to sew were the suspenders and a few buttons. Add an orange face, white eyebrows, some pom-poms on your shoes and viola! "You get no commercials!" ...a sweet costume for sure.

For Sean's I sewed together the vest, and adapted a pattern for his uber pimpin velvety coat. Add them to khakis, white shirt and a simply tied golden bowtie. For props he used a cane made from a dowel rod (with a round candy top) and a top hat which was made from felt, posterboard and glue. He was proud as a peacock and fit the part perfectly with his rendition of Willy's song ....."If you want to view carrot-dise"

For Bryan's all I can say is ....................YO GABBA GABBA! DJ Lance Rock was pretty easy to make (except finding orange pants). Just add the white and yellow felt stripes to the sweatshirt and pants, find some goofy black glasses and a puffy orange hat. I took two stocking caps and added some stuffing in between then covered it in orange fuzz material. I created a little bling-bling for his white belt by creating a ROCK belt buckle made from posterboard and glitter glue. Don't forget DJ Lance's boom box. Spraypaint a cardboard box and glue on some clip art speakers. The crew needs a place to ride around in! Throw in a kick and a little dance and the kids go crazy!

We're making three appearances with these costumes so the effort is definitely worth it. PLUS we save every costume to re-use and recycle. You never know what next year will bring!