Wednesday, July 1, 2009

UpCycled Vintage Luggage Available NOW!

My mom recently gave me the Forecast Train Case that she carried on her honeymoon. How cool! It has the original keys, tray and scent too (can still smell mom's perfume). I'm such a sucker for old fashioned things...but I want to use them too! I've used my train case several times since mom gave it to me and it's suprisingly functional...not to mention SO CUTE!
You no longer have to wonder which suitcase is yours at the airport! Look for the one that everyone is pointing at and whispering...."COOL! RETRO! ORIGINAL! COOL!"

Now available on Peapod Crafts are 9 different styles, shapes and colors of customized vintage luggage. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas and suggestions. Custom orders are always welcomed!

Check back soon as I will be adding more items shortly!

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  1. Love the suitcase with the city skyline on it - fabulous!