Monday, April 19, 2010

Meet Tatty Gnome

I love terrariums! This year I wanted to turn my terrarium into a project that my son and I could both enjoy. By adding a few miniatures (available at your local craft store), your terrarium can transform into a magical fantasyland. It's so much fun to assemble and can be a constant source of entertainment when mini items are added or swapped out!

Here's how to turn an ordinary terrarium into a magical gnome home:

Items needed:
Terrarium ( see Building a Miniature Ecosystem)
Moss- for a grass look
Miniatures (gnome, birds, fences, mushrooms..etc)
Small birdhouse
River rocks
Hot glue gun

1) Cut bark and sticks to use as shingles and trim for the birdhouse.
2) Paint birdhouse brown or green for a natural look- or bright colors for a more eclectic look.
3) Add bark shingles and stick trim using a hot glue gun.
4) Assemble gnome and house within the terrarium.
5) Set scene using additional miniatures (vegetable garden, tea party etc.)
6) Mist or water regularly as directed for the terrarium plants.
7) Swap out scene periodically for additional fun!

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