Saturday, August 22, 2009

Great Garage Sale Find

I went to a garage sale today and was told by the house-owner to fill a bag for $2! We found hotwheels, play groceries and all kinds of goodies. The best find was this:

Vintage 1973 Fisher Price Movie Viewer

It came with "Lonesome Ghosts" a film about Mickey Mouse and his crew battling a group of ghosts for their so-called haunted house. This is one toy Sean has to pry out of my hand. It's definitely a blast from the past!


  1. DUDE! Those things are AWESOME... I loved those as a kid!

  2. sounds brilliant!! never heard about it before..

  3. OMG I had one of those as a kid! When the projector broke, I would hold the cartridge up to my eye and turn the red wheel. LOL

    Wow, forgot all about those--thanks for the memories!!!

  4. Those pre-date me but look fantastic. Score.